How to Initialize EQSP32 (Industrial ESP32 IoT Controller)

In this tutorial, we will show you how to initialize and configure your EQSP32 industrial ESP32 PLC controller. Before we begin, make sure you have completed the quickstart guide. In the quickstart guide, you will set up your Arduino IDE environment and create your Firebase account for database access.

When the EQSP32 library runs on your EQSP32 IoT controller, it will be discoverable by the EQConnect mobile configuration utility. Using this app, you can set up the Wi-Fi network and password, configure the time zone, monitor pin modes and state, and more. Download EQConnect.

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What is IoT, IIoT and Industry 4.0 in Automation

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

Initially, people connected desktops, laptops, and phones to the internet to communicate and search for information. The Internet of Things (IoT) extends this connectivity. It allows users to monitor and control devices via the internet. It also enables these devices to communicate with each other. IoT encompasses everyday objects like household items and wearable tech. It also includes more complex systems like smart hot tubs, pools, solar farms, and irrigation systems, all designed to improve efficiency and convenience.

What is iot?
Internet access before and after internet of things (iot).
Initially, machines connected to the internet only to allow people to communicate and search for information. IoT now enables devices to connect online to communicate with each other, access information, and be remotely controlled and monitored by users.
Internet access before and after IoT
how to efficiently control relays using EQSP32 industrial esp32 plc.

How to efficiently control relays

Relays are incredibly useful and are utilized in nearly every automation system due to their ability to control a high-power circuit with a low-power signal. However, the traditional approach to relay operation is relatively energy-intensive, potentially generating excess heat and requiring a sizeable power supply to operate. This raises the question: might there be a better way; an approach to efficiently control relays?

Turns out, there is. Let’s dive deeper into the world of relays to uncover the smart and efficient way to control them.

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Exploring Centralized IoT Approach vs. Standalone Devices

IoT systems vary widely, ranging from simple tasks like changing your living room light color via your smartphone to monitoring and controlling multiple buildings. The vast array of IoT applications and the varying complexities of their integration raises many questions about the best approach to development.

Two main approaches can streamline the development of these varied IoT systems. The first uses a central command unit that interfaces with all peripheral devices and manages the IoT functionalities of the application. This central hub manages all communication and data processing across the network. The second approach involves using independent smart devices, where each is dedicated to performing simple tasks and equipped with its own IoT capabilities, allowing for decentralized operation and direct communication with user applications or cloud services.

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Smart Hot Tub: Jacuzzi Retrofit with EQSP32 IoT Automation

Retrofitting an old jacuzzi or crafting a tailored client solution has never been more straightforward, thanks to the EQSP32 IIoT controller. Addressing the growing demand for personalized spa experiences, this quick reference guides you through the functionalities and components of smart hot tub systems. It also outlines a step-by-step approach for leveraging the EQSP32 wireless industrial IoT controller’s features to surpass client expectations for a modern spa experience, ensuring both satisfaction and sustainability.