Our story

About Erqos


It all started when the electronics of our 10-year-old, China-made Jacuzzi broke down, and (of course), we had no luck finding a replacement.

This was a chance to bring our otherwise fully functional tub into the Internet age by making it operable via a smartphone app.

Erqos Electronics

Finding a suitable WiFi/Bluetooth-enabled microcomputer board was straightforward: we quickly settled on the wildly popular ESP32.

But every step after that required creative thinking and hard work:

  • How do we package it to ensure easy installation and replacement?
  • How do we connect and read temperature probes and safely switch high-power pumps?
  • Without being a programming guru and spending an inordinate amount of time, how do we code it to ensure everything operates seamlessly?
  • And, most importantly, how do we quickly and easily create a custom app for both Android and iPhone?

By the time we had all the answers, we’d devised an elegant, powerful, and user-friendly end-to-end solution that could be adapted to numerous other applications.

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