EQSP32C – Industrial IoT ESP32 PLC


Monitor and control almost anything via your smartphone with this robust Industrial IoT ESP32 PLC. With AI-generated software, custom no-code mobile applications and no expert skills required.

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EQSP32 is an industrial standard, easy-to-use, ESP32-based wireless micro PLC, with Industrial IoT connectivity. The provided proprietary library offers an API to access all EQSP32 IIoT controller’s features, while it handles all necessary background tasks for a seamless interaction with all internal peripherals, the tailor made expansion modules for niche applications and ensures the reliable IIoT functionality of the system.

Designed with an ESP32 at its core, it allows anybody, from professionals to DIY hobbyists, to leverage the vast ESP32 and Arduino ecosystems to scale up their automation projects.

With the pre-trained EQ-AI generative AI model, the code creation for ESP32 PLC programming has never been easier. Simply describe the system’s external connections or upload an image of your wiring diagram and EQ-AI will automatically create the initialization code. By describing the system’s functionality in plain English, EQ-AI will guide you through the code generating process.

EQSP32 may be programmed via the front facing USB-C programming port, using Arduino IDE, Visual Studio Code or any other ESP32 compatible IDE.

EQSP32’s 240MHz dual-core ESP32-S3 SoC with 512k RAM and 8M Flash with its integrated WiFi and Bluetooth radio controller, makes it ideal for a broad range of Industrial/Home Automation, Remote Monitoring/Control, and Instrumentation applications. Combined with its versatile industrial connectivity, featuring RS232, half-duplex RS485, and CAN-Bus communication, EQSP32 is not just a wireless industrial IoT controller but one of the most connected ESP32 PLCs on the market.

This ESP32-based PLC offers the convenience of a Mini-Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with its DIN-rail-mount and screw terminals design, coupled with the power and flexibility of an open-architecture embedded computer.

EQSP32C features standard front facing USB-C programming port, RS232, half-duplex RS485, CAN-Bus connectivity interfaces, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity with an internal radio antenna.

For the EQSP32C variation with an external radio antenna, check out EQSP32C-X.


Key Benefits of EQSP32

  • No expert skills required
  • End-to-end solution for Industrial IoT applications
  • Easy and fast software development from AI assisted code generation and examples
  • Custom mobile applications via block based, drag and drop approach
  • Real-time remote monitoring and control via provided developer’s custom mobile app template
  • Easy configuration and setup via provided EQConnect mobile configuration utility
  • Seamless IoT connectivity (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® Low Energy)
  • Huge community support for niche application and examples
  • Fieldbus integration via Modbus RTU (serial RS485) and CAN-Bus
  • Third party software support for DMX and any other RS232, RS485 and CAN-Bus implementations
  • Versatile I/O terminals for digital/analog inputs and PWM solid state switches for efficiently driving relays, solenoid valves etc.
  • Easy to install and integrate, with standard DIN rail mount compatibility and screw terminals


Technical Specifications of EQSP32

Digital Inputs16x protected configurable 24V tolerant digital inputs (all I/Os may be used as digital inputs)
Analog Inputs8x protected configurable 0V-5V analog inputs (terminals 1-8 may be used as analog inputs)
Outputs16x protected configurable power controlled solid state switches Pull-Down/Open Drain (all I/Os may be used as PWM outputs)
Processor240MHz Dual-core ESP32-S3 SoC
Memory8M Flash
512k RAM
ConnectivityUSB-C (programming and monitoring)
Wi-Fi + Bluetooth® Low Energy
RS232 (protected)
RS485 half-duplex (protected)
CAN-Bus (protected)
ProgrammingArduino programming language via IDE (C/C++)
Date/TimeNTP sync with time zone (automatic daylight-saving adjustment based on configured location)
IP protectionIP20
Supply input voltage7V-26V DC
Supply output voltage5V DC @ 1A
Operating Temperature-20 °C to +55 °C (-4°F to 131°F)
IndicationsVisual: Power, Status, WiFi, Bluetooth LEDs
Audio: Integrated buzzer
Additional features·         Power supply monitoring (continuous supply input and output monitoring)

·         Current limit and thermal protection on solid state switches

·         Integrated flyback diodes for inductive loads

·         Hardware watchdog for disabling power outputs in case of software failure

·         Expansion connector for add-on modules for additional I/Os or special function interface (ex. pH sensor, stepper driver, energy sensor etc.)

·         Home assistant integration using MQTT (Automatic MQTT device discovery)


EQSP32 Functional Block diagram

EQSP32 industrial IoT controller functional block diagram. It demonstrates the dedication and effort put in the multipurpose IO and communication protection. The power management unit protection from ESD and inverse polarity, while the power supplies are continuously monitored. The multipurpose IOs (ADIOs) are protected and a dedicated PWM controller handles with precision the solid state switches for variable power outputs. Serial communications and can bus are surge protected and the mutlipurpose terminals have integrated flyback diodes for allowing the control of inductive loads like solenoid values and relays.
EQSP32 Functional Block Diagram

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