Kickstart your IoT automation experience with our new guides

To help you get started with your EQSP32 journey in IoT automation, we have prepared a series of tutorials.

These tutorials are crafted to kickstart your experience with the EQSP32 Industrial IoT Controller. You will learn about EQSP32 setup, ADIO pin modes, MQTT discovery, Home Assistant integration and more to come!

Our step by step guides are designed to ensure that your journey with this ESP32 PLC is smooth and productive.

What’s New?

  1. How to Initialize EQSP32: Learn how to set up and configure your EQSP32 controller. This tutorial includes steps for basic initialization and IoT configuration, ensuring your EQSP32 is ready for automation tasks. Read more
  2. EQSP32 ADIO pin modes: Explore all ADIO pin modes of EQSP32 with examples on configuring and using Digital Input, Analog Input, Switch, Temperature Input, Power PWM Output, and Relay. Read more
  3. Enable MQTT Discovery: Enhance your IoT devices’ connectivity by enabling MQTT discovery on your EQSP32. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to enable MQTT discovery on EQSP32 and prepare your Home Assistant for EQSP32 integration. Read more
  4. Interfacing EQSP32 with Home Assistant: Learn how to create interfaces between EQSP32 and Home Assistant for monitoring sensors and controlling loads or actuators. Read more

Whether you’re a beginner, a hobbyist, or an experienced user, these guides will help you leverage the full potential of the EQSP32 IIoT Controller in your IoT projects.

More tutorial and application examples are on the way.
So, stay tuned and happy automating!

For more information, visit our Tutorials Page.

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