Interfacing to the Real World

16 EQVersal® I/O to Connect Anything

The EQSP32’s I/O circuit is so uniquely Universal that we had to find a new adjective for it: EQVersal.

Each of the 16 user terminals can be configured as a 12-bit Analog Input, a Digital Input, a High-Speed Digital Ouput, or a 1Amp PWM Digital Output.

No other controller can natively interface to so many device types.

Anything, Really

Serial Communicator

A Great Serial Communicator

Using RS232/485 for serial data communication, the EQSP32 can interface seamlessly with a vast array of predominantly industrial subsystems. This versatility extends to smart power supplies, bar code and RFID readers, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), user interfaces, and many more devices. RS485, in particular, stands out as the foundational technology for the DMX512 protocol. This will let you use the EQSP32 to create and control dazzling lighting effects and other amazing stage fixtures.

Yes, it CAN!

For advanced and professional users, the optional CANbus interface opens the EQSP32 to a world of sophisticated application in Robotics, Building Automation, Automotive, Instrumentation and Industrial Controls.