Exciting New Features with Library v0.2.0-beta

Discover the latest advancements in the EQSP32 Library v0.2.0-beta. This update introduces powerful new features and improvements for the ESP32 PLC, including Home Assistant Integration and Online IoT Expansion Modules. The latest features aim to expand your IoT automation projects’ capabilities.

New Features

Home Assistant Integration – EQSP32 as an MQTT Device:

  • Connection with Home Assistant’s MQTT Broker: Seamless integration allowing for robust and secure communication with Home Assistant.
  • Automatic MQTT Device Discovery: Simplifies setup by enabling automatic discovery of EQSP32 devices.
  • Custom Interfaces for Home Assistant: Tailored interfaces for reading, writing, and updating MQTT topics, making integration flexible and efficient.

Online IoT Expansion Modules:

  • Unified IoT System: Multiple EQSP32 devices can now access the same database root, functioning as a single, cohesive IoT system.
  • Master/Slave Mode Configurable from EQConnect: Easily configure master/slave modes, with slave devices linked to the master’s root on the cloud for synchronized operations.

Other Improvements

  • Optional Default SSID & Password in Configuration Struct: Facilitates easier initial setup with the option to include default SSID and password.
  • Extended Number of Cloud Variables: Increases the capacity to 32 INT and 32 BOOL cloud variables, enhancing data management capabilities.

The introduction of Home Assistant Integration offers easy integration with your existing systems, enhancing the flexibility and ease of use of your ESP32 PLC. Meanwhile, the Online IoT Expansion Modules provide scalability, allowing you to expand your IoT system with more I/O and support different areas, such as an irrigation system with separate control units for various locations. These enhancements ensure that your ESP32 PLC can seamlessly adapt to your current and future automation needs.

This library is available on your Arduino IDE’s library manager and at EQSP32 Library v0.2.0-beta. Remember to explore the capabilities of EQ-AI for AI-assisted programming.

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